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About Naturopathy

What can Naturopathic Medicine do for me?

The CDC reports that 70% of deaths are due to chronic diseases. “Chronic diseases and conditions—such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and arthritis—are among the most common, costly, and preventable of all health problem.” Naturopathic doctors are the experts in managing chronic disease! Naturopathic medicine is the answer to our current health care crisis. Naturopathic doctors provide personalized and precise wellness care. We focus on not only improving the health of our patients but preventing major illnesses that fall into the category of chronic diseases.

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Meet Your New Doctor


 Dr. Megan Haas is licensed Naturopathic Physician in the state of Connecticut and provides health consultations in Long Island, NY. Dr. Megan now offers virtual appointments as well. She received her medical training at the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine, where she graduated with high honors. She worked closely with highly esteemed Naturopathic Physicians notably, Dr. Peter D’Adamo.  Prior to medical school she received her Bachelor’s of Science in Biology. During her undergraduate career, Dr. Haas served as a tutor and teaching assistant for the biology department. She also spent time studying Lyme Disease at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station where she developed a special interest in the disease.

 Dr. Haas is trained to treat everyone. Her philosophy is that there is always something that can be done for anyone.  Her special areas of interest include Acne, Hormone Balance and Digestion. 


In her downtime Dr. Haas lives her philosophy. She spends her time cooking, exercising and running a small side business selling handcrafted organic skin care products. You may also catch her playing with her two beloved cats. Her friends and family will vouch for her willingness to go above and beyond to help others.Her caring nature lead her to Naturopathic medicine.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are naturopathic doctors educated, trained, and licensed?

Accredited naturopathic medical schools are four-year, in-residence, hands-on medical programs consisting of a minimum of 4,100 hours of class and clinical training. During naturopathic medical school, students are educated in the biomedical sciences as well as the latest advances in science in combination with natural approaches to therapy. They also study disease prevention and clinical techniques. In addition to a standard medical curriculum, schools require their graduates to complete four years of training in disciplines such as clinical nutrition, acupuncture, homeopathic medicine, botanical medicine, physical medicine, and counseling. For at least the final two years of their medical program, naturopathic medical students intern in clinical settings under the close supervision of licensed professionals. Given the importance of hands-on, clinical experience for naturopathic medical students, the accrediting body for naturopathic medical colleges does not recognize degrees from online programs of study

What will my first session be like?

The first appointment is always around 1-2 hours. Dr. Megan uses this time to do in depth analysis on your health. In addition to a full medical history, Dr. Megan takes the time to assess nutritional needs, lifestyle and emotional health. She also takes the time review past and current blood work. At the end of your first visit you will receive a detailed care plan. A follow up will be scheduled a month later then as needed thereafter.

Do you accept health insurance?

Unfortunately, due to licensing laws I cannot accept health insurance in the state of New York. Every state has different scope practices for Naturopathic Doctors. In the states of New York and New Jersey I am considered a Naturopathic health consultant.  In neighboring states such as Connecticut, Naturopathic Doctors are considered physicians and in Vermont, we are considered primary care physicians.

What Conditions does  Dr. Megan see?

Dr. Megan see's both acute (such as a cold, ear infections etc.) and long standing chronic conditions. She commonly works with clients (including pediatrics) with the following: ACNE, PCOS, THYROID IMBALANCES, IRREGULAR MENSES, PMS, INSOMNIA, ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, ALLERGIES/ECZEMA, CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE, IBS/IBD, LYME DISEASE, CHRONIC FATIGUE, FIBROMYALGIA AND MANY MORE. Wellness visits are also strongly encouraged!

More questions?

If you have more questions feel free to send us a message.

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